CRAG will achieve complete decentralization of Web3.0+DeFi3.0


CRAG is jointly completed by a well-known foundation in Dubai and the original compound technical team. It will realize the complete decentralization of Web3.0+DeFi3.0 and promote the blockchain industry to go further!

Implementation path:

1. Deflation, destruction of computing power The mining method will deflate CRAG. After the deflation reaches 90,000, it will not be destroyed, and CRAG cards will be opened one after another.

2. Positioning, CRAG will become a parachain that empowers the city of miracles in the Metaverse Chain Tour!

3. Pre-mining, CRAGbaby is limited to 3,000 copies worldwide for pre-mining.

4. City of Miracles, providing a variety of urban styles, mapping everything in the real world to the blockchain virtual city! Users can switch between different cities, develop their own territory, enjoy urban development incentives every day, build their own businesses, and have their own land, cities and even metropolises.

5.Lending, CRAG lending is opened by voting according to the consensus mechanism.

See you soon at Pancake, the era of complete decentralization has begun, CRAG will realize the complete decentralization of Web3+DeFi3.0, and promote the blockchain industry to go further!

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